Producer & Director

Edward Cologna

President of Cologna Productions

Edward J. Cologna is an award-winning producer and founder of Cologna Productions LLC. Mr. Cologna comes from a long line of European sculptors and painters, spending his childhood surrounded by the arts. Edward would begin his professional career in electronics hardware, which gave him a deep technical understanding of video production; a passion which he still pursues with continuing education in the field. Mr. Cologna would begin producing video for local municipalities. Edward founded the Edison TV station, which won national awards for its local programming, and is currently serving as studio manager of Newark TV. During this time, He also worked with corporate clients, including MetLife, Schering Plough, and Prudential. Edward is also a founding member of the Jersey Access Group, and has lectured at FIT and Pace University. Mr. Cologna also worked with Bongiovi Entertainment and Power Station Recording Studio. In 2013, Edward produced Phonograph Conversations, a documentary about this history of recorded sound. He is currently producing with Movieverse in Los Angeles, including the award-winning series “My American Family”, “Modern Kung Fu”, as well as a cooking show, “Dragon Chef”. Edward is also collaborating with Green Eyed Monster in New Jersey, producing the sketch comedy series “Dog Show Presents”, and the upcoming sitcom “Baseballers”. Mr. Cologna has also brought his video production overseas, co-creating Silk Road TV, a Chinese- American network for the China market, and is currently developing a new digital TV channel in Argentina.


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